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Program & Budget Guidelines

• Each stallion participating in the program will pay the yearly nomination fee of $1,500.

• Yearly enrollment will be used as follows: 55% for show payouts, 25% for advertising, 15% for administration

   of the program and 5% for office expenses (postage, envelopes, paper, printer ink/toner, stickers, supplies, etc.)

• Projected shows that we will be participating in are listed on our Events page.

Advertising plans are as follows:

• Full color ad banners with Stallions list and K.I.S.S. logo to hang at every show.

• Facebook & website advertising with information and pictures provided by you, our stallion owners.  

   Every enrolled stallion will have an individual page on the here on the K.I.S.S. website. We need stallion owners to provide

   us with quality pictures & ad information via email at: You will also have the option to

   have stallion and/or progeny videos on your stallions page. If you have any questions regarding sending videos or

   photos, you can email our webmaster at to arrange a phone call if needed.

• Laminated signs and/or information table at the horse shows to catch peoples attention about the program.  

• Piggyback advertising with participating shows.

• Advertising in magazines.

• Stallions or their owners must be located in Kentucky-Indiana or a local Surrounding State

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