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Welcome to the K.I.S.S. website!

K.I.S.S. is an exciting Stallion Incentive for Barrel & Pole Stallions in Kentucky, Indiana & Surrounding States.

You can now ENROLL online!
Stallion Enrollment

2023 Kissmas Open Sidepot Results


1st - Jessie Gonterman/GT Drippin Finesse 14.644 Stallion VF Red Smash.

         Owner & Nominator Melissa Gonterman $606 Stallion Owner Ali Smith $152

2nd - Becky Mann on TQH Bulzeye Bayou with a 15.056. Owner and Nominator Becky Mann $364.

         Stallion Bulzeye Dan. Stallion Owners Kevin and Franchesca Smith $91

3rd - Shelby Hemmer on Coronas On Top with a 15.103. Stallion First Corona Home. Owner award $212,

         Nominator Nikki Thomas $30 and Stallion Owner Fred Helmuth $60


1st -  Ronda Casey Undniablyahustler 15.204. Stallion Undniablydebonair. Ronda Casey Owner, Nominator

         and Stallion Owner $583

2nd - Ronda Casey and Undniablyasportster 15.226 Stallion Undniablydebonair. Ronda is Owner,

         Nominator and Stallion owner $349.80

3rd -  Denise Evans on Jewels Casanova 15.230. Stallion Jewels First Moon. Denise Evans Owner $163,

         Nominator Todd Holder $23, Stallion Owner Jimmy Schulz $46


1st - Dirks Ponchak on Mitey Foxy. Stallion Mitey Sweet Guy. Owner $286. Nominator Stacey Ternes $41,

        Stallion Owner Cathy Geary $82

2nd - Bob Jaqua on LC Perks Lucky Buck by Perks Lucky Charm. Owner & Nominator Bob & Diana Jaqua $196.

         Stallion owner Lisa Colby $49

3rd - Cody Heightchew on Royal French Kiss. Havana Wester is Owner, Nominator and Stallion Owner. $163

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