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K.I.S.S. Stallions LLC

Foal Enrollment Rules

1. Any K.I.S.S. horse can be eligible for K.I.S.S. bonus money at open events, regardless of age.

2. K.I.S.S. bonus money will be paid on one run (Saturday competition) and will be paid on a 3D format based on the time of the fastest K.I.S.S. eligible foal with .5 second splits between each division in barrels and 1 second splits in poles.

3.  Contestants must provide the horse's registered name and a copy of the horse's papers with K.I.S.S. enrollment sticker and must designate on the event's entry form that they are competing on a K.I.S.S. horse.  Failure to provide a copy of registration papers to the show office will result in disqualification to earn K.I.S.S. money at that show. 

​4.  A rider can ride more than one K.I.S.S. foal in an open event. K.I.S.S. bonus money will be paid to two of the rider's highest money earning foals.

5.  Offspring of stallions may only be enrolled while the stallion is nominated in the K.I.S.S. program and the year following an enrollment year due to breeding incentives for given years. ex: If a stallion is enrolled in 2017 and you breed a mare to that stallion, then the stallion drops in 2018, you will still be able to enroll that foal in 2018 as a weanling. This is due to the incentives we give for certain breeding years. This is also ONLY if the stallion stayed nominated in the program for 3 consecutive years.

Weanling Enrollment Rules:

Weanlings can be enrolled by paying $100 by December 1st of the year foaled.

Any foals that have not been enrolled into K.I.S.S. as a weanling can still be paid into the program with the following enrollment fees by December 1st.

Yearlings - $150

2 year olds - $250

3 year olds - $350

4 year olds - $450

5 year olds and up - $550

****Foals turn another year older as of January 1st every year

**Discounted foal enrollment fees for 1st year stallions****All foals 3 years and under of a NEWLY enrolled stallion, during the FIRST year of the stallion's enrollment, can be grandfathered in for a $150 enrollment fee.  All foals over 3 years old can be enrolled for a $250 enrollment fee in the stallion's first enrolled year.

 Foals will obtain lifetime enrollment as long as the stallion is nominated for at least 3 consecutive years

****All foals conceived and/or born during a stallion's nominated years will obtain lifetime enrollment so long as the stallion stays nominated for at least 3 consecutive years.

$20 processing fee for foal name changes. (form on forms download page)
$20 processing fee for owner name changes. (form on forms download page)