Enrolled Offspring as of  February 3, 2020

​A Flash of Jazzing
A French Fortune
A French Six Shooter
A Frenchmans Secret
A Girls Gotta Dream
A High French Dixie
A Little French Fit
A Rednecks Joey
A Rose For Kirby
A Sharp French Wind
A Sketchy Redneck
A Smashed Guy
A Special Kinda Red
About French N Time
Ace On The Money
AJS Bug is Classy
Alive N Perk N
All Eyes On The Bug
Another Shot Of Scotch
Ante Up Annie
Anything but Rare
Arrows Reckless Beau
Atomik Blonde
Baby Hit The Bulzeye
Back Forty Fame
Bad As Corona
Bad As Jess
Bad Ask Redneck
Bayou a Pokemon 2019
BB Redneck Willie
Bedtime Storiez
Benefits of Fame
Betta Getta Jetta
Blazing Firewater
Blonde Redneck
Blue Collar Babe
Bob Dash
Bobbys Dixie Jet
Bonafide Bulzeye
Boomers Last Fling Pending
Boon Dox Guy
Brooks Town Wheels
BS Packin Heat
Bug N My Firewater
Bugs Packin EZ Eyes
Bugs Up To Par
Bullzeye Bob
Bulzeye Billy Bayou
Bulzeye Classy Charm
Bulzeye Dan
Bulzeye Danielle
Bulzeye Finest Dolly
Bulzeye Rita
Butler Ragin Redneck
Buzzin On Firewater
BV Baby I Lied
Cant Scratch This
Caseys Blue Smash
Cash N Dun
CC High On Fame
Chalees Dream Jet
Chase In Fame
Chatanooga Lucy
Chica Jet Redneck
Chicks Dig Rednecks
Chiefs Jet N Redneck
Chrome Got Fame
Chromed Bulzeye
Classified Frenchman
Cleats On Fire
Coronas On Top
Credit To Frenchman
Crewzer Dan
CRMF Firewater Chic
CRMF Streakin Shooter
Crooked Redneck
Crushin on the Honey
Csevn Genuine Doc
Csevn Justwannabeme
Csevn Streakin Frost
Cutie Pie Can Fly
Dan Good Copy
Dandy In The Zipper
Dandys French Lady
Dans Flaming Venture
Dashin Rene Dan
Dashin To A Payday
Dashing Red Man
De Best Firewater
Demons Storm Story
Dinkys Redenck
Dirty Littlequestion
Do Not Dizturb
Doc Ugly
Doc Went Streakin
Docs Flyin Jet
Docs Kentucky Chrome
Docs Kool Crow Cash
Docs Lil Mo
Docs Lily Streak
Docs Regal Legacy
Docs Scorch N Honor
Dont Skip A Bulzeye
Dontshakemycorona Lu
Dr. Nonstop
Earnin Money Honey
Easy Cupcake Money
Easy Smashed By Six
Eat N Dollars
EB Dun Takn Ur Money
EB Running On Red
Fame Ta The Max
Fames Super Flit
Famous At Last
Famous Dinky Man
Famous First Prize
Famous Last Wordz
Famous Native
Famous Redneck Reba
Famous Sister 37 2018
Fancy Lookin Redneck
Fast Kiss Ta Fame
Fast Toes
Faster Than Gossip
Fierce Fireynfamous
Fiery French Bullion
Fiery French Frost
Firing Point Blank
First Easy Line Jet
First Fame Lady
First Spirits
Flamin Mad
Flit Bar Fame
Flit Firen Gone
Flit N Sixy
Flit of Magnolia
Flits Sexy Frenchman
Flower Power
Flyin A Fine Line (Pending)
Flyin Super Low
Fred in Space
French Fried Chicken
French June Bug
French Rocker
French This Redneck
Frenchin Eye Candy
Frenchmans Boomer
Frenchmans Jezebell
Frenchmans Kimosabe
Frenchmans Lucky Sox
Frenchmans Raja
Frenchmans Raja
Frenchys Pay Day
Frenchy's Rugged Lady
Frett Me Im Coming
Frost Advisory
Frostbite Fannie
Fueled For Paris
Garters N Firewater
Golden Sixes
Gone With The Fame
Good Kinda Crazy
GT Drippin N Finesse
GT Maximum Romance
GTS Shades of Heaven
Guys Rolling Stone
Guys Streakin Cowboy
Guys Streakin Dream
Guys Streakin Lady
Guys Streakin Volley
Guysstreakin Tuffbar
Heather Tee
Heavenly Fame
Heck Of A Redneck
Hemmingway (Pending)
Here Comes The Boom
Hes Packin A Win
Heza Little Dreamer
HH Smashin Assets
HHH Jess Be Chillin
HHH Vegas Moon
Hillbilly Helicopter
Hit The Panic Button
Holdmybeer Watchthis
Home Wrecker Jane
Honor Roll Ronas
Honorable Doc Dandy
Hot Mess Jess
Hot Roddin Sixes
How Bouta Redneck
HY Lady Fame
I Aint Foolin Around
I Love Lou C
Ihop Nonstop
Ill Bring Ya Flowers Pending
Ill Tell Ya A Story
Im aBlazing Grace
Im In For The Win
Im Jess SayN
Ima Famous Superstar
Ima Flaming Redneck
Ima Mighty Ten
Ima Super Redneck
itching For Fame
Jazz IS oN fIRE
Jazzing Ta Fame Jr.
Jazzing Ta Honor
Jazzme Ta Fame
JD Firewater Redneck
JD One Sassy Redneck
JD Redneck Aisle
JD Redneck Red
JDS Sweet Baby Rose
Jess A Joker
Jess A Rockstar
Jess A Sweet Song
Jess Annie Up
Jess Because I Can
Jess Bust A Move
Jess Smashed Again
Jettas Lil Bulzeye
Jettin Down De Aisle
Jettin Down Mae
JF French Vanilla
JF Twisted Diva
Jimmy Miles
Jimmy's Redneck Girl
JL Frenchmans Fame
JL SixstreaksOFrench
JLS Birthday
Jokers Harley Quinn
Jones Scorched Jewels
JR Sugar Daddy (pending)
Judy Jett
Just a Good Ole Guy
Just Another Redneck
Kat N Around Lou
Kata Rullah
Kata Tude
King Kool
Kiss My Redneck
Kool N Quick
Kool N Rare
Kool Operator
Kool Quick Kiss
Kool Quick N Elegant
KRF Hollin Fame
LA Flight 416
LAF Undniablyacutie
Leo's Packin Jet
Lieutenant Dan
Lil Pistol Annie
Little Bit Of Fame
Little Miss Cant B Wrong
Loose Wheels
Lottery Time Bulzeye
Maid N Fames Q Baby
Makin Her Famous
Makin Money Moves
Mario Got Fame
Maximum Cash Advance
Maximum Deal
Maximum French Fame
Maximum Fuel (pending)
Maximum Midnite Fame
Maximum Risk Taker
MC Famous Wranglers
Me Uh Rose
Memory In Da Making
Meyers On Fire
Miss American Pie
Miss Cajun Special 2018
Miss Sixshootinannie
Mistys Redneck
Mite B A Bully
Mite Not B A Bully
Mitey Bullion
Mitey Easy Cash
Mitey Foolish
Mitey Foxy
Mitey Gold Digger
Mitey Millenium Guy
Mitey Miss Riva
Mitey Sweet Fling
Mitey Sweet Payday
MJS Royal Crush
MNM Shake it off
Momma Sues Bulzeye
Moneys Nonstop Bully
Monnie Monnie
Moon Em For Honor
Moons Flaming Cash
Movin Movin Movin
mr kool Corona
MS Fire N Frost
Ms French Twister
MS Maximum Moonshine
Muscle Memory Guy
My Mom Is Classy
My Shadow Bug
Mysterys Packin Trix
Nonstop Bailey
Nonstop Grace
Nonstop Lightning
Nonstop Ta Fame
Nonstop ta Vegas
Nonstop Ta Vegas
Ole French Rooster
On the Bubble Dinky
Ona Dry Streak
One Hot Redneck
One Last Love Story
One Last Story
One Rare Redneck
One Reckless Dude
Owens Jesse
Pacific Redneck
Packin A Shiner
Packin Pennies
Pokeys Leavin
Poppin a Six Pac
PQH Miss Sugar Bars 2019 (Pending)
Prescribed Fur Fame
Promise Im Kool
Promised Good
Quick For A Chick
Rad Packin A Prayer
Rad Rayzin Cash
Rad Six Pack of Bugs
Radio Ready
Rare and Quick
Rare French Whiskey
RC Danamight
Reba Dan Jet
Reck It Ralph
Reckless Arrow
Reckless Charlie
Reckless N Denver
Red Smashed Taters
Redneck 747
Redneck Bazinga
Redneck Carnation
Redneck Chick Magnet
Redneck City Boy
Redneck Cowboy Jet
Redneck Dashn Wheels
Redneck Gigolo
Redneck Golden Girl
Redneck Hooker
Redneck In The Aisle
Redneck Jedi Returns
Redneck Jettin Down
Redneck Jetting Blue
Redneck Juliet
Redneck Krazy
Redneck Money Pit
Redneck on Fire
Redneck Redbull
Redneck Riches
Redneck Rio
Redneck Rio Cutter
Redneck Roxxy
Redneck Royal Te
Redneck Royality
Redneck Slurpee
Redneck This
Redneck Tommy Boy
Redneck Wheels
Rednecker Than You
Rednecks Lightin Gal
Rednecksjets Legacy
Reds Fine O Doc
Renes French Fry
Renes On Target
Renes Red Firefly
Renes Redneck Rodeo
Rhonda Dash
Rips Easy Cash
RJL Bully Dash
RJL Cantbullynewport
RJL Cantkeepthisgirl
RJL Cantmoonthisguy
RJL Cantmoontisguy
RJL Cantstreakaguy
RJL Dash N Girl
RJL Dot Dash
RJL Double Bugs
RJL Double Take
RJL Famous Bully
RJL Frenchmans Fame
RJL My Guys Dashin
RK Jessies Kid
Robin Redmoon Rekkar
Rockin Ronas
Ronas Dun It
Ronas Dun Run
Ronas Went Famous
Round Three N Home
Royale French Dolly
RR Redneck Rancher
Rubies N Rednecks
Runnin The Red
Sabrinas Tattoo
Saint Nick
Sauced On Firewater
Scorched Doc Dandy
Scorched Doc Dandy
Scortched Lightening
Secondhand Smoke
Seductive Firewater
SF A Guywalksintoabar
SF Allaboutthatbass
SF Badabing Badaboom
SF Bazinga
SF Bibitybobitybooya
SF Frenchmans Leo
SF Getit Gotit Gone
SF Gonnagetchagood
SF Its EZ BN French
SF Lookintogetlucky
SF Luvtheyellafellas
SF Ready or Not
SF Straight No Chaser
SF Suckitupbuttercup
SF The Bomb Dot Com
SF Ushouldbsolucky
SF Wild Child
Shake It Sexy
Shake The Policy
Shakin Bob
Shakin Miss Frenchie
Shawnee Addy Bug
She's Jess Smashed
Shes Jess Special
Shesa Speedy Feature
Shesasmooth Harletta
Shez Expensive Boys
Shez So fine
Sheza Chrome Redneck
Sheza Frosted Doc
Sheza little Ronas
Sheza Nice Lady
Sheza Redneck Woman
Sheza Wild Cat
Six Loaded Mags
Six Shots of Fame
Sixs First Payday
Sizzlin Redneck
Smart and Reckless
Smashed and Reckless
Smashed On Easter
Smashin The Scoth
Smashing Red Rose
Smokin A Pack A Day
SN Hot In Herre
SN Jive Talkin
SonOfa Superman
Spaces Little Fame
Speeed Ball Tucker
Splashed Out Guy
SPR Snappy Jess
Spring Shaker
SR Mojo
SRS Jess A Thrill
Stories MakeyaFamous
Streakin French Bug
Streakin Red Bug MP
Streakin Red Bug MP
Sugar In Her Gin
Super Famous Guy
Super Fanci Babe
Super French Gal
Super French Kiss
Super Perks
Super Rue
Super Times Two
Supermodels Story
Swear Im Rare
Sweet and Seductive (pending)
Sweet Talkin Dan
Sweet Talkin Mr Ed
Takinonthe Firewater
Taris Nonstop Sixes
Tellen About Rocky
Tes Docs Mane Aisle
Tes Docs Real Badboy
TES Docs Tinkerbell
Tes Redneck Alli
Tes Redneck Romeo
TES Redneck Twister
The Max Jet Yet
The Supervizor
This Katz  A Redneck
This Sharp Feature
Thundr Rolln Redneck
TNT Monster Red
Top Gun Dan
Trickey Jess
Tricky Firewater
Trisome Firewater
TT Redneck Bocephus
TT Redneck Covergirl
TT Redneck Dolly
TT Redneck Dynasty
TT Redneck Elvira
TT Redneck Finale
TT Redneck FliteRisk
TT Redneck Jet Eye
TT Redneck Legend
TT Redneck Loreal
TT Redneck Mama Jama
TT Redneck Maverick
TT Redneck Maybeline
TT Redneck Ninja
TT Redneck Rebellion
TT Redneck Redeye
TT Redneck Revlon
TT Redneck Roulette
TT Redneck Runway
TT Redneck SoulSista
TT Redneck Tradition
TT Redneck Vegas
TT RedneckRickiBobby
TTRedneck Uber
Undniably Easy Breeze
Undniably Fly
Undniably Honorable
Undniably Kissable
Undniably Sharp
Uno Cerveza
Vals Red Hot Rocket
VC Sixomatic
Wait Wait Dontell Me
Wheel B Fly
Wheel Fast Redneck
Wheel Flit Ta Fame
Wheel Redneck That
Wrenchy Ronas
WRS Kool Junior
WRS Kool Memories
WRS Peggys Pride
WRS Quick Gal
WW Famous Amos
WW Gingerbread man
WW Shake Baby Shake
Zeus Is Packin
Zippys Packin A Six